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Seedling Planter

The Seedling Planter offered by us has a simple structure and is efficient. This multi-function and easy to use product reduces labour intensity without nay hassle. It is widely used for rent seeding and pot seeding. The orders are packed in safe packages and delivered on time and assure no damages. We take up bulk orders and assure safe delivery promptly.


Features :

  • Simple structure,easy repair 
  • Efficient,multi-function 
  • Reduce labor intensity,no hurt seeding 
  • Be fit for formed land and ridge land 
  • Be fit for root seeding and pot seeding

Technical Specifications

Model 2ZL-1 2ZL-2 2ZL-3 2ZL-4
Auxiliary machine 25HP tractor 25HP tractor 40HP tractor 40HP tractor
Boundary dimension(mm) 1600*1800*1200 1600*1800*1200 1600*2500*1200 1600*3500*1200
Line number*width(mm) 1(row)×(200) 2(rows)×(500-1000) 3(rows)×(1000-2000) 4(rows)×(1500-3000)
Number of operators 2 3 4 5
Line width(mm) 500-1000 adjustable
Row width(mm) 190230270310350000000000000000000000
Planting depth(mm) 40-100
Seeding rate of survival(%) ≥90
Watering quantity(ML/hole) 0-120,adjustable
Efficiency (hm2 /h) 0.1-0.16
Length of seeding(mm) 120-400(According to the demand of customers)

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